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Redesigning My Portfolio Website pt 3 — 26th Aug 2015
Redesigning My Portfolio Website pt 2 — 18th Aug 2015

Redesigning My Portfolio Website pt 2


In Redesigning My Portfolio Website pt 1, I mentioned that I wanted to learn responsive web design and identified a project to complete in order to do so. At the time of writing I am already some way into the redesign and redevelopment so I am documenting in retrospect until I catch up. In this part I mention the sites that I was inspired by and any online resources that I used before starting.

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Redesigning My Portfolio Website pt 1 — 29th Jul 2015

Redesigning My Portfolio Website pt 1


Over recent years, I’ve been watching with interest as websites have, one-by-one, seemingly started to implement new and interesting designs known as Responsive Web Designs (or RWD for short). In summary, responsive web sites are able to adapt to the device that they are being displayed on. Soon to be gone (hopefully) are the days when you are served websites designed for use on the desktop or a separate site entirely when using a mobile or a tablet.

Some of my favourite places on the web, such as BBC News and The Guardian have been at the forefront of this new approach and I thought that it was about time that I found out how it was done myself. I set myself a task: rebuild my own website using RWD techniques.

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