I’m Ricky Manning, a software developer from Kent. I have found that whenever I have liked something, I have always wanted to know everything about it (or at least to delve deeper below the surface). Over the years, therefore, I have tended to spend a lot of time consuming media about a range of subjects, looking for more detail and more interesting views. Whether it is news, sport, music, politics or history, I am watching, listening, playing, doing and reading about it all of the time. It’s only natural, then, that I’d be looking for an outlet, for a place to share my thoughts on events and on my discoveries.

I toyed with the idea of writing a blog for a few years – if only to spare my poor, captive, Facebook audience from my lengthy rants and musings – but for one reason or another I never did. These people were only logging in so that they could some viral videos, look at each others’ pictures and to re-share what they were sharing on this exact day 1 year, 2 year, 3 years ago.

So I decided to give the blog a go, mainly in order to document my software and web development progress (I’m in the process of redesigning my website using modern, responsive techniques, for example), but while I’m here I’ll be posting about all the other stuff as well.

I hope you enjoy.